How to Enjoy Your Business Trip to Hong Kong

Travelling to the exquisite destination of Hong Kong is an insightful and challenging experience. With all the customs of “face” and eating etiquette (never turn over a fish to feast on its flesh), it can be difficult to separate business from pleasure as you try to ensure you don’t unintentionally offend your client and lose a deal.

To make your stay more relaxing, has a whole array of serviced apartments in Hong Kong that offer warmth and luxury after a long day. Benefits include flat screen TV, the finest bed linen, housekeeping service, free Wi-Fi and even more great amenities.

Get the most out of your business trip to Hong Kong by doing the below:

Learn the Business Customs

From supplying business cards, to giving gifts, thank you notes, saving face and wearing formal business attire in searing heat, there are many customs for you to remember. But getting all these correct will endear you in the hearts of your business partners and new friends. Someone who tries to understand and apply local customs within negotiations is likely to score the deal and enjoy the luxuries of Hong Kong without hassle and pressure.

Visit Victoria Peak

The highest point on Hong Kong Island, this is arguably the best place to take in the expansive skyline of the city. The skyscrapers, once sharp and huge on the surface are now humbled by your gaze. With an elevation of 552 meters, you won’t regret the inspiring view.

Explore the Street Markets

The best night street market to visit is the one in Temple Street. With delicious foods, clothes, antiques and other fine things to discover, this is the perfect way to clear your head, find a bargain and to enjoy your evening.

Discover It’s Fascinating History

Jumping into Hong Kong’s history can be a deeply rewarding experience. From Chinese Dynasties to imperial rule and colonisation by Great Britain and finally a power transfer back to mainland China as an SAR, Hong Kong has seen it all. The Hong Kong Museum of History is where you should explore all its rich and astounding past.

Travel Around the Islands

Take a boat trip around the islands to see what else it has to offer apart from metropolitan cityscapes. Lantau Island is a great day out. It hosts Hong Kong’s own Disneyland Resort and the Po Lin Monastery; home to one of the biggest statues of the Buddha sitting in the world. You can even take a trip to Macau, previously under Portuguese administration, for a different atmosphere to Hong Kong.

Feast on Hong Kong Cuisine

The area is not just a centre for capital and culture, it is also the centre of tasty foods and luscious cuisines. Dim Sum is an ideal choice along with other spectacular dises like Yum Cha, Siu Yuk and many more. Trying the local cuisine can fill your heart and soul with Hong Kong goodness.

Get the Right Accommodation

Where you stay is very important and can have …

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