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Numbers are up regardless of the devastating hurricane season international inbound travel remained stable. I feel it is critical for activists nowadays, although a lot of are nevertheless working on their personal or in relative isolation, to comprehend that they are not as alone as were the Jewish heritage activists who, frequently on their own, blazed the trail in earlier decades.

All told, all over Europe there are hundreds of person events to pick from – lectures, concerts, meals-tastings, book fairs, and far more — plus a lot of guided tours and informal visits to Jewish heritage sites that are usually closed to the public or restricted in access.

This post has nothing at all to do with travel photography, but has a lot to do with 1930’s Shanghai an era and a city that has kindled my imagination for fairly some time, and recently influenced me to generate a couple of my ‘fashion’ themes stories such as The Red Qi Pao and The Girl of Nanjing Road.

David lives in San Diego County, surely another of the prettiest areas in the country, but it is the ocean, just three miles away from our residence, that calls me. Every time I see it, I want to discover the planet that’s waiting on the other side.

Další týden přilítají holky z USA, se kterýma vytváříme program a čas v Chiclayu je vůbec super, zažívám mnoho požehnání, takového jasného, hmatatelného a konkrétního, plní se mi sny, jsem plná vděčnosti a stále se mi potvrzuje, že jsem na správném místě.