Drive a Minibus and Enjoy the Most Beautiful English Holiday Road Trips

CotswoldThe cost of flights and train fares continue to increase, especially when it is time for your family to go on holiday. In fact, whenever you have a large group of people, sometimes driving can be the best travel method. However, it is not a fun experience to cram all of you into one or several cars, and it really isn’t necessary.

There are, in fact, many parts of England that are seen the best from the road, and the most enjoyable way to experience and see them is by having a spacious and nice minibus. Minibusses are an excellent way to travel while on holiday, especially if you would like to travel throughout the UK. Of course, you will need to get a minibus LGV licence first, but that doesn’t need to be a terrifying experience. With the right advice and help, you will soon be exploring the most beautiful holiday roads in England. So let’s go over some of the best holiday spots that you can visit this summer on your road adventures!

The Cotswolds

Featuring quaint historic villages, endless meadows, and rolling hills, the Cotswolds are one of the best places for your family to visit on holiday. Getting there is an easy drive, and you will see plenty of beautiful scenery on the way. It is an excellent place for you to explore in a minibus or car. After you arrive, enjoy country life, stop off to visit the village or go on long walks. It is a short drive from London.

The Yorkshire Dales

Also referred to as ‘God’s own country,’ the Yorkshire Dales is full of untouched greenery expanses and dramatic landscapes. It is the ideal place to get away from hectic city life and be able to truly breathe. Once you arrive you can enjoy exploring quaint villages and charming farms, waterfalls, flowing rivers, wild rivers, and peaceful long walks. It takes skill to build dry stone walling, and you will see plenty of it in this part of the UK.

The Lake District

Every year, individuals and couples visit the lake district in order to experience the absolutely stunning lakeside views. The lakes offer calm swimming and there are plenty of scenic roads and hills to explore in the lake district which makes for amazing driving. Although the weather is hit or miss at times, it makes the views even more exciting. There is also the opportunity to go on fabulous camping trips here, with the area offering many small sites that cater to people who are wanting to get away from their hectic lives and enjoy some sailing and swimming time.

Cornwall and Devon

If you would like to take a trip to the south, then the Cornwall and Devon coast is definitely a great choice. The weather in the area is slightly warmer compared to the rest of the UK and features some gorgeous sandy beaches. It is definitely one of the best places to get away. There are many varieties of trees there that don’t grow any place else due to the nearly tropical climate. You will also want to go biking in the surrounding countryside and explore some of the area’s fishing villages.

The Peak District

The name of this area gives you a clue about what you can expect. This area is characterised by hilly peaks. In the north is the Dark Peak, where you can find the moorland. In the south is White Peak featuring many villages and towns. It is a dramatic experience to drive around Peak District, with spectacular views of the beloved national park available.