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Welcome to the City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department’s Facility and Activity Listings. J’avoue avoir un peu attendu pour vous souhaiter la bonne année, car l’année dernière nous nous étions toutes et tous plus ou moins précipités pour le faire mais l’actualité nous a très vite arrêté dans notre élan pour nous prédire une année 2015 qui restera dans les mémoires pour de mauvaises raisons.

So there is absolutely nothing incorrect with utilizing the charms of, say, Parks and recreation, to produce some solid bonding time. If a non-permitted treasure container is found, the facility is to take away the container, retain it at the park workplace for 30 days and, if attainable, attempt to notify the owner of their actions.

Early Sunday morning, Daylight Savings Time will end and we will acquire extra time by moving our clocks back an hour here in the Pacific Northwest. Trophy Gardens is a world away from the cares of city life, but freeway-close to all that makes South Texas the location of option for a lot of RV travelers.

The City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities will host a Veterans Day commemoration plan featuring neighborhood historian Kitty Snow and a performance on the Carillon Bells by carillonneur Lawrence Robinson on Friday, November 11 beginning at 2 p.m. This event will be held at the Globe War I Memorial Carillon situated in Byrd Park 1300 Blanton Avenue.

Or, indeed, recall a group of French bees that fed on candy and hence made vibrant honeys in unearthly shades of green and blue This honey of the Anthropocene could not be sold simply because it did not meet France’s standards of honey production,” perhaps a technicolor warning sign, as the very possibility of a nature independent of humanity comes into query.