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A German magazine reports that politics could pave the way for ground transportation intermediaries such as Uber, Lyft and so forth. Veliko Tarnova was the Medieval capital of Bulgaria, 1186 to 1393, until the Turks destroyed it. These days, a town of 70,000, it is famous for the production of rose oil, a needed ingredient in the much better perfumes and an export of Bulgaria for 350 years.

We want to continue couchsurfing, via the old site, but much more excitingly by means of the open supply option You can find my profile (kamiel79) on these hospitality sites – I’m searching forward to hosting you, particularly when you are a ‘charity traveler’ and like to do anything equivalent on your journey as we did in 2009-2011.

Gruber also discusses turkeys on the Jewish dinner table, quoting the early 19th century memoirist memoirist Pauline Wengeroff (Rememberings: The Planet of A Russian-Jewish Lady in the Nineteenth Century, numerous editions), describing how her household in Bobruisk (now in Belarus) in the 1830s ate turkey for Pesach and Sukkoth.

Some of my favourite memories on home have been getting a hot stone massage in the open air cabana overlooking the water, studying mixology at Chao Pescao while designing my personal signature cocktail, as well as consuming the most incredible ceviche our last evening at Ostra.

Afghanistan has created substantial progress given that the Taliban was deposed in 2001, but nonetheless faces daunting challenges, including fighting an insurgency, disrupting terrorist organizations, recovering from three decades of civil strife, and rebuilding a shattered infrastructure.