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A German magazine reports that politics could pave the way for ground transportation intermediaries such as Uber, Lyft and so forth. Ministers have been told of their destinations at today’s Cabinet meeting by Mr Coveney’s whose department is in charge of the project. If you are going to a danger location, fill your malaria prescription before you leave, and take sufficient with you for the complete length of your trip.

Alex, along with his climbing companion Muhammad Ali Sadpara of Pakistan, and their help crew are just now getting settled in BC, which they have established at 5300 meters (17,388 ft.). That’s a bit greater than where they placed the camp final year, but the new spot gives far more sunshine and warmth during the day and is situated closer to the Khumbu Icefall, saving time and power when shuttling gear up to the larger camps.

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The post hyperlinks to a gallery of images I made at the Chinese Community Center’s theater on Mott Street (NYC) of a popular Cantonese opera about a enjoy story that occurs during the Tang Dynasty. A website named SnowPak has published a complete list of the world’s key ski resorts from about the globe that indicates each their opening day, and their estimated closing date as nicely.

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